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Boiler and steam circuit

Boiler is an important utility in any plant. Water is heated in the boiler, steam is generated and used as heat source in the plant. Various chemicals are dosed to keep the water side of the boiler clean but some scales and depositions get developed on the water side of the boiler. These scales hinder the effective rate of heat transfer which decreases quality of steam and capacity of the boiler. In extreme case, this can result in metal failure also.

Here we developed effective descaling chemicals which works very fast and at room temperature, remove the scales effectively but protect the boiler metallurgy during the descaling operation. This range is called as D???Scale series. Secondly leakages is also one of the issue which is needed to be taken care of.

Leakages can be from following points,

  • Flue gas leakage from boiler door.
  • Steam leakage from valves, flanged joints etc.
  • Leakages of condensate.

These leakages can be easily controlled with Macstar range of non asbestos range of gland packings.