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Engineering cleaning chemicals are required to remove the obstacles to the flow or to effective heat transfer or both, in water circuits like cooling water or Oil circuits like Thermic Fluid or centralize tube plants. The scales and depositions get deposited in the pipelines, heat exchangers etc, and restrict the flow and effective heat transfer.

Similarly in oil based circuits, due to carbonisation, phenomenon like reduction in velocity, increases in viscosity etc can be seen. This sticky carbon forms a film over the heat exchanging area, hindering the effective rate of heat transfer. Due to this, some other parameters such as, TAN, increases and aids for internal corrosion of the system. Ultimately this results in parameter failure of oil necessitates the change, metal puncture and big fire hazard.

Similarly in day to day production schedules, some compounds get generated and get stuck in the equipment and are necessarily to be removed.

Here range of products from Eximious comes into picture.

Eximious has following range of products ???

  • To remove scales and depositions from water based system: D???Scale range.
  • To remove carbon, thick oil sludge, hard - baked carbon deposits from oil based system: Thermclean series.
  • To remove the depositions by solvent based system: Powersol series.
  • Custom made products - the products to remove the typical type of depositions, from other manufacturing areas, are normally customised products. These specific products are developed for removing the depositions.

Engineering cleaning chemicals can be segmentised as reactive maintenance (RM) products, hence as a part of Good Engineering Practice (GEP), Eximious started working on preventive maintenance (PM) products and services also.

Clean and Descale your cooling water system

  • Chilled water system
  • Brine system
  • Hot water circuit
  • Boilers
  • Water cooled rediators
  • Clean the filter elements

Clean and decarbonise your Thermic Fluid system Off-line
Clean and decarbonise your Thermic Fluid system On-line
Clean the filter elements.
Clean electric parts motors replace CTC / TCE as a cleaning solutions.