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Chilled Water Do Not Need Any Internal Treatment Because Chilled Water Do Need Good Internal Treatment Because
1. Chilled water circuit is closed one, so contamination is not possible. 1. Chilled water can react with circuit internals & produce metal oxides. Anaerobic bacteria keep on growing which induces under deposit corrosion and suppresses pH.
2. Chilled water is externally treated water like soft, RO, DM water, so no scale formation 2. Soft, RO, DM water is unsaturated ???hungry??? water, hence corrosive. May contain dissolved gases, resulting in heavy rusting & formation of metal oxides.
3. Temperature of chilled water is very low, Hence low / no scale formation. 3. Solubility of dissolved gases increases with decrease in temperature, resulting in increased corrosion rate (Rusting). Normally sticky deposits are found on heat transfer areas.
4. No scale, No problem, No treatment. Scale formation is not a only problem with Water, microbiological growth & corrosion are also serious issues associated with water.


  • Dirty heat exchangers can increase energy consumption of chiller up to 38%.
  • A scale build up of 0.8mm results in increased energy consumption up to 9.5%.
  • Deposit that contains iron oxides can result in 60% more loss of heat transfer as compared to normal scale.
  • Dirty or contaminated system can reduce any water treatment performance up to 20%.


  • Corrosion of the system internals which reduce effective life of the system.
  • Deposition on the heat transfer areas reducing the effective heat transfer.
  • Fouling (Bio growth) which induces under deposit corrosion, suppresses pH, weakens the tube which may result into leakages.

The three problems will,

  • a
  • Reduce effective heat transfer and reduce the output.
  • b
  • Increases energy consumption.
  • c
  • Results into unwanted emergency shut down and increase the cost of maintenance, repairs and spares.


I. Most of the circuits are contaminated with dirty muddy colored water & lot of deposits on heat transfer areas.

II. No preventive treatment is effective in such dirty system.

III. Prior to preventive treatment pre-cleaning & good clear water, free from suspended particulate is must.

IV. To have clean surface, descaling is done, which demands longer shutdowns.

V. Harsh chemicals used in descaling process may damage the system metallergy.

VI. Huge amount of water drained results in increased energy, water requirement & load on ecology as a whole.

VII. Conventional chemicals require stringent monitoring & control, almost on daily basis.

VIII. Use of multiple products can increase operating cost & confuse the system operators.

IX. Use of inorganic chemicals increase total dissolved solids & induces microbiological growth in chilled water, the consequences we have seen earlier.

X. Increased TDS & bio-growth increase fouling as well as cost of treatment.

XI. Use of only chemicals cannot take care of suspended particulate matter in the circuit.


EXIMIOUS offers a complete, holistic treatment programme, like

  • a
  • Dirty water clarification ON-LINE, with Chillcare filtration systems.
  • b
  • System cleaning & descaling ON-LINE, with D???scale CS.
  • c
  • Preventive treatment with CORRONIL - CW.
  • d
  • ON-LINE micro filtration system with Chillcare filters.

I. Highly economical programme which does not requires any shutdown.

II. It does not require water to be drained, hence saves lot of amount of water and related cost of energy.

III. Keeps the entire chilled water circuit clear, corrosion free and at the optimum efficiency.

IV. The entire treatment does not use any harsh acids or alkalis, inorganic salts and has no side effects.

V. It is very very easy to use, does not require stringent monitoring.

Safe - n - Healthy™ Chilled Water System

Chilled water system is an important utility in any manufacturing plant, also it is used for comfort cooling in controlling air conditioned spaces like, 5 Star Hotels, Hospitals, Malls, BPO ??? KPO Buildings, Software Parks etc.

Over the period of time, the efficiency of the system goes down, leading to creations of hot spots, pin holes, excessive leakages, high energy input cost etc.
This is because Chilled Water has following problems which have to be addressed during the regular operations, like,

  • a
  • Corrosion
  • a
  • Scaling and Deposition
  • a
  • Leakages

Eximious Launched a programme called as ???Safe - n - Healthy???TM Chilled Water System, which ensures, Safer Operations and Healthier heat transfer, which is a combination of reactive ??? preventive maintenance practices.



Products recommended : D???Scale CS

Chillcare Filtration System

D???Scale CS cleans & descales the entire circuit ON-LINE, Without any Shutdown. It is all organic chemical, which protects the metallurgy, contact rubber ??? plastic parts and removes the scales and depositions from system internals. The entire suspended matter is filtered with ON-LINE with Chillcare Filtration system which works on side stream basis.


Products recommended : CORRONIL ??? CW

CORRONIL ??? CW is an all organics treatment which offers corrosion protection to all system metallurgy and does not allow the deposition on heat transfer area. Also acts as a biostatic agent, does not allow growth of microbes.


Product ??? Chillcare Filtration System

Chillcare Filtration System filters the chilled water continuously, online, on side stream basis. It has interchangeable cartridge elements from 25?? to 5??.