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During gland packing installation services, the gland is to be cut in 45?? angle as that they can overlap and fit into the gap perfectly. It should be measured correctly as it should occupy the entire peripheral gap. Normally the skills are required for this activity.

We made a tool that simply make the activity easier, saves a lot of time, saves labour and more importantly, ensures a neat job. The tool is called as Macstar GCT (Gland Cutting Tool)

Secondly to remove the old, lifeless packings, we have devised an innovative way, flexible gland extractors. The set now available, called as Macstar GETS (Gland Extractor Tool Set).


MACSTAR ??? GETS ??? 1193

Gland Extractor Tools Set

    • Specially designed tool set to remove old glands from valves and pumps. It will reach easily into the inaccessible gland box areas and facilitate the easy gland removal, saving precious time during the shutdowns. The effective removal of the old gland packings ensures long lasting performance of the new glands.
    • It penetrates into the inaccessible areas of gland box and remove the glands.
    • Flexible gland extractors facilitate the easier removal of old glands.
    • The punches are for hammering into the lifeless glands.
    • In short, easy & complete removal of old- lifeless hardened gland packings in shortest possible time. Saves time ???reduces labour cost and saves the shaft or shaft sleeves in the long run.