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Protects the delicate fins.


Finshield is fins protecting sprayable compound, to protect the fins from corrosive attacks.

Fins, in any heat exchanger, are most important but very delicate part, susceptible to corrosive atmospheric attacks, which reduces the life span of fins and of heat exchanger thereby, requiring frequent change. This becomes quite expensive affair when we take into account of total cost involved of capital, labour, shut down etc.

Finshield exactly addresses this problem forming a stable anti corrosive layer on the fin surface protecting them against the corrosive attacks.

Fin Fan Cleaning

Fin fan cooling are is an important part of the refineries , power plants etc. The hot fluid is circulated through the finned pipes and air is blown over the same.

The air is contaminated with suspended particles, water, microbes, carbon ???oily particles which settle down between the fins , block the free air passage, decrease the heat transfer efficiency, increase the power consumption and over all affects the production.

Eximious has come out with an unique formulation which has a very good penetrants , blend of surfactants , solubalisers etc. The product is called as Magic Blue - SPG.

The method of application in by spray, then pressure wash with plain water . This will ensure the removal of the deposits completely.

The fin fans also to be cleaned from pipeline internal side. Normally gummy depositions are formed on the pipeline internals and hampers the heat transfer.

This gummy depositions can be cleaned with Thermclean ??? XL by circulation method.

Thus we take care of fin fan circuit holistically , from all the sides and make it energy efficient. To calculate the chemical requirement, we need to have following data,

  • Tube dia
  • No. of Tubes.
  • Size of fin fan unit L X B X H.

This refers to our discussion regarding Fin Fan cleaning applications in your factory.
1. Engineering Cleaning Chemicals & related services.
  • a
  • Condenser Cleaning ??? Descaling
  • b
  • Oil Decarbonizing
  • c
  • Cooling water circuit descaling
  • d
  • Chilled water circuit descaling
  • e
  • e. AHU, FCU, Fin Side Cleaning
  • f
  • Fin Fan cleaning,

           i. FINSIDE


2. Non Asbestos Gland sealing products ??? For valves, Pumps, Reactors, Control Valves etc.
3. Food grade gaskets for Flanged joints.
4. Specialty maintenance consumables for effective Electrical ??? Mechanical ??? Instrumentation maintenance.

We are interested to work for your esteemed organization in all these sectors & particularly in Fin Fan cleaning area.
In case of Fin Fan Cleaning
  • a
  • We clean the FIN Fan ??? Airside (FIN Side) with our low foaming compound called as Aquaclean ??? FF, and then with spray of water.
  • b
  • b) We can clean the Fin Fan tube internals with appropriate chemical from our range (depending upon the circulating fluid.),
  • c
  • c) We coat the delicate fins with our unique organic coating ??? Finshield to protect the same from corrosion.


We will spray our specially designed chemical on fins of your Air Cooled Condenser which will form a foamy layer on fins and will clean fins from deposits without damaging delicate fins.


This step is basically required to remove loose foreign matters, pressure of the spray will be adjusted suitably flush the fins with plenty of water which will clean delicate fins without damaging them.


Suitable quantity (2% to 5%) of chemical added to wash this solvent is sprayed on fins and tubes to form a thick foamy layer on them with the help of specially imported machine and allowed to wait for 40 ??? 60 min. Due to penetrating action of cleaning dirt and much stuck of fin surface is get loosened.


Finally fins should wash with low pressure high volume of water to remove loosened dirt etc, and at last we wash fins with special nozzle on flow pressure to remove hard material. This will ensure complete cleaning of fins and tubes. It is guaranteed that performance will be enhanced.