Ensuring Smoother Performance of Your Thermic Fluid System.

Eximious : The Specialist in Thermic Fluid related Services.

Eximious is the industry?s trusted specialist for all types of Thermic fluid systems. Thermic fluid systems have their own unique, perennial problems like carbonization, leakages or low flash point. Years of expertise and experience have given Eximious the edge in solving these problems and ensuring an efficient, trouble free peak performance of the system.

Dominance in all types of Thermic Fluid Systems:
Oil fired | Wood fired | Briquette fired |Gas fired | Electrically or solar heated Thermic fluid System.

What WE can do for YOU...

  • Plug the leakages from valves, pumps, gasketted joints and control valves.
  • Decarbonization and cleaning up of all system internals - On-Line or Off-Line.
  • Setting up of an on-line filtration system to remove the unwanted contaminations and floating carbon.
  • Conduct Thermic fluid system audits to solve the visible / invisible problem areas of operation and maintenance.
  • Training of Thermic fluid system to the users.
  • Addressing and removing problems in Thermic fluid like water contaminations, low flash point or any other.
  • Suggesting easy insulation for valves and gasketted joints.
  • Offer guidance in converting the pump from water cooled to air cooled.
  • Help in regulating the Thermic fluid parameters, drawing of sample and advice on method of analyzing the report.

Be a Smart user, Avail of the Eximious Advantages:

Smoother system operations at the peak of its efficiency | Higher oil life | Save loss of Thermic Fluid | Save manpower costs | Prevent forced shut downs | Ensure quality uptime | Ensure effective heat transfer.

Planning to Expand? Call Eximious:

Not only do we offer services to solve existing problems, we also design a complete system for you taking into consideration all your future expansion needs.

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