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MACSTAR - 2390


The best properties of GRAPHITE & PTFE are combined together to form an excellent all - round packing for difficult applications. Style 2390 is manufactured from oriented virgin PTFE fiber and loaded with sub ??? micronic graphite particles and inert lubricant.

Resist Extreme Chemicals

Most fibres cannot resist highly reactive fluids. # 2390 has the ability to resist highly aggressive, reactive as well as corrosive fluids.

Cooler Running

The extra graphite provides quicker heat dissipation and lower thermal expansion. It has six times better heat dissipation then pure PTFE at higher RPM. The equipment thus runs cooler at higher temperatures and at very high speeds without any burning or glazing or shaft scoring. Does not hydrolyse in hot water.

Typical Applications

Wide ranging applications of highly reactive fluids, high shaft speeds and pressures, slurries, rotating, reciprocating pumps, mixers, agitators, reactors, boiler feed water pumps, pulp and paper applications etc.

Technical Specifications

pH : 0-14 except oleum, fluorine, fuming nitric acid  & aqua – regia.
Temp : upto 2800 C
Pressure : 100Kg / cm2
Speed : 17 m / Sec.
PV factor : 6, 50,000

Available in following Sizes

Size(MM) 3.2 4.8 6.0 8.0 10.0 12.0 14.0 16.0 19.0 22.0 25.0



Macstar 2390 (VA) is manufactured from unique, proprietary IOTEX FIBRE???. This fiber has excellent heat dissipation properties and can withstand higher surface speeds ( 25 m/s, 2900 rpm ) at elevated temperatures. It is designed for all pH range. It is woven dense hence the problem of ???through??? leakages is taken of. The break in gel type lubricant CC 180TM is added to take care of any excessive heat generation during service. All this make Macstar 2390 VA a superior product which is very gentle to shaft, works in aggressive conditions and gives performance beyond expectations.


  • Manufactured from unique, proprietary IOTEX FIBRE???.
  • Excellent heat dissipation quality and break in gel type lubricant CC 180 ensures longer working service life.
  • Designed for all pH range ??? 0 to 14.
  • Compliment Pac Ex 212 HP and gives performance beyond expectations when used in combinations.


Macstar 2390 VA is universal packing, can be used on ???water??? related pumps like raw water pump, process water pump, cooling water pump, chilled water pump, fire hydrant pump, effluent pump, Boiler feed water pump, etc, alongwith other process fluid pump, acid, alkali pumps, agitators, reactors, mixers etc.

PAC ??? EX 212 HP


Forgot the headaches of inventory, the skill of cutting & aligning the packing, cooling ??? flushing arrangements ??????.

Pac Ex 212 HP is available ???free size ???.Ready to use, gentle on shaft & sleeve, just push & forget packing!

Minimum to No leakage : Yes, it is possible with Pac Ex 212 HP
Reduces inventory : Free size, can be used on almost all Pumps, reactors etc. in the factory.
Works on worn out shafts : takes the shape of the gland box, fills Up the gland completely.
No external; cooling or Flushing required : Pac Ex 212 HP does not require external cooling arrangement, saves Water.
Easy to use : Just push it inside the gland, fill it up Completely & start the pump.
No packing required service : Pac Ex 212 HP has a very high Life. In case of excessive leakage just Add small quantity of Pac Ex to the gland. There is no need to change the entire packing.

Pac Ex 212 HP can be used in all rotary sealing application such as,

  • Cooling water / Chilled water pumps
  • Effluent pump, fire hydrant pump, slurry pump etc.
  • Brine / Sea water pump
  • Acid pump / Caustic pump
  • Vacuum pump
  • Mixer, Blenders, Nautsche filters etc.

These recommendations are given to the best of our knowledge. Since the application of our products is beyond our supervision we cannot accept any liability except for the composition of the product to be according to specifications. Any liability will be limited to cost of product only.


  • Unique pump packing free in size & shape.
  • Different fibers for strength, lubrications like waxes, MoS2 lead/ Copper flakes, balls are mixed together to give different types of grades.
  • Different grades are available to cater to various applications.
  • No wear of shaft, provides cooling and lubrication to other packing too.
  • Never needs replacement ??? just TOP UP.
  • Can work on concentric wearing of shaft.