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Clean & Descale the Hot Water Systems ‘On Line’

D’Scale HS is a carefully formulated compound, designed to clean and descale hot water ‘On Line’ without any shutdown. D’Scale HS contains water soluble surface active agents, deposit penetrants, corrosion inhibitors etc.

D’Scale HS will quickly dissolve & remove the deposited Calcium, Magnesium scales, corrosion products, dirt ??? dust, silt from the metallic surface. The strong corrosion inhibitor will protect the basic ferrous metallurgy, copper & alloys, Aluminium during the descaling process.?? D’Scale HS will not affect any type of plastics or rubber parts.?? in the system.

D’Scale HS cleans & descales the system and restores the heat transfer efficiencies, resulting in substantial savings. After descaling is completed, the same D’Scale HS can be used as preventive measure to keep your system free of depositions & scaling at very small dosages.?? D’Scale HS does not affect your other water treatment chemicals, it works independently without hampering your treatment programme.?? Discharge of D’Scale HS will not create any burden on ETP.


  • Applicable to ferrous & non - ferrous metallurgy
  • Used 'on-line', hence no shut down is required.
  • Does not disturb the treatment programme.
  • Dissolves & removes scales completely.
  • Non-hazardous, non-toxic, biodegradable product can be sent to ETP after use.

During on line descaling operation, side stream filter is a must to remove suspended particles.