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The readymade gasket ??? cut to size

Graphite is one of the unique materials available on the earth. It has excellent chemical resistance to many acids, alkalies and chemicals; barring few oxidizing agents and chemicals. It can be used in many forms like sheets, gaskets, packings etc. The use depends upon method of manufacturing and application criticality. In the case of gaskets, it has many advantages over normal asbestos gaskets.

Macgraph gaskets are specially designed for sealing the thermic fluid lines, best suited for designed temperature and pressure of the system. It is soft, made to size; so application, stocking is very easy.


  • It has excellent Thermal stability. It can work upto 450℃ in normal atmosphere upto 650℃ in steam. upto 3000℃ in non-oxidising.
  • Flexible material
  • Excellent creep resistance.
  • Can resist most of the chemicals in pH 0 ??? 14.
  • Non abrasive
  • Self lubricating, Low co-efficient of friction.


  • Gasket doesn’t expand or contract with temp.
  • Easily conforms to surface regularities, giving excellent sealing without air trap. Chances of gasket rupture are reduced.
  • Can work at very high pressure as well as vacuum duty too.
  • Gasket failure due to chemical attack can be avoided.
  • Doesn???t damage the surface of the flange.
  • It doesn???t stick to the flanges, hence very easy to remove.

Macgraph is available in all sizes specified by customer ??? ready to use form.