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System HW care

Hot water filtration system

System HW care is specifically designed filtration system for hot water system. In any hot water system, the circulating water is heated in the heater, gives heat to the user equipment and returns to the heater to get heated again.

The circulating hot water corrodes the system internally and scales & depositions are formed on the heat transfer area of the user equipment. This reduces the effective heat transfer. To take care of all these issues, Eximious launched a programme called as ???Safe - n - Healthy???™ Hot Water System which ensures safe operations and healthier heat transfer.

The activities under this programme,

  • On-Line filtration of circulating Hot water ??? with HW care filtrations.
  • Sealing of all valves with guarantee with Macstar 2800.
  • Sealing of flanges with Macgraph gaskets.
  • Sealing of Hot water pump with Macstar Hotpack.
  • On-Line descaling with D???Scale - HS.
  • Anti corrosion and anti deposition treatment ??? Corronil - HW.