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Hotpack™ is the ultimate Thermic fluid pump / Hot fluid pump packing in set form. Gone are the days of leaking pump beyond control. Forget about installing expensive mechanical seal.

Advantages of Hot Pack™ are

  • Absolute control on leakages -
  • Pump runs cooler.
  • Easy on shaft, No shaft damage.
  • Very long gland life.
  • No need to replace the entire set, just add one more ring if required.
  • Convenience - ready to use gland in cut size.
  • Reduces inventories - saves energy.

Technical Specifications

One  Drop Per Second : 1.5 Liters
Two Drops Per Second : 4  Liters
Stream  Breaks into Drops : 30 Liters
1.5 mm Stream : 106 Liters
3 mm S : 333 Liters
4.5 mm STREAM : 545 Liters
6.5 mm STREAM : 1180 Liters


HOT PACK™  can be used to pack Thermic fluid pumps, Hot water pumps, Condensate pumps or Boiler feed water (heated) pump. Can be supplied in any required size.


Earlier packing used was Graphite / Asbestos or packing in ALUMINIUM foil. Leakage rate was @ 40 - 60 drops per minute. Shaft/Sleeve scoring was found. Life was @ 25 - 30days. After replacing this with HOTPACK, leakage was reduced to 2 drops / min. AND PAYBACK WAS 15 DAYS.

Hotpack™ is available in all the sizes required by you.