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The details of the EVP sample cooler are,

Connect the sample cooler to the correct sampling point and you can draw cool sample in running plant. There is no need of external cooling arrangement.

How To Draw Sample? Parameters To Be Checked
Run the Thermic fluid circulation pump for minimum one hour. This will ensure proper mixing of oil. Flash point
Draw sample from bottom most part of the system - closer to pump. TAN ??? Acidity no.
While drawing the sample, ensure that pump is running. Viscosity at 40??C and 100??C
Close inlet valve. Open outlet valve, air vent to drain and Empty sample cooler. This will ensure ???No Contamination??? with old oil inside sample cooler. Insolubles in Hexane
Open Air vent and outlet valve to flush sample cooler. Close outlet valve. Insolubles in Benzene
Open Air vent and inlet valve. Fill the sample cooler with hot oil and close the Inlet valve, airvent. Fire Point.
Allow it to cool for 24 hrs. Then draw sample from outlet valve in cold condition.  
Sample should be in one litre air tight container.  

Every oil degrades when heated. Degradation will result in two ways: Conversion / separation of low boilers and High boilers. High boilers will get converted to sludge and later carbon. This carbon will also be of two types viz sedimented and polymeric type of carbon.

We need to monitor health of Thermic fluid frequently. We cannot stop degradation of oil but certainly reduce it. To understand the degradation process, we need to have oil report.