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Product Recommended THERMCLEAN ??? XL

System Relief ??? as the name suggests, is designed to relieve the operation and maintenance team from the Thermic Fluid related worries and troubles.

Whenever Thermic Fluid is heated, the low boilers are generated and needed to be vented out effectively and efficiently as they are thermally not stable.

They tend to produce carbon, carbonaceous mater, polymerized matter etc. Low boilers also tend to bring down the flash point of the oil which necessitates the change of total oil from safety point of view.

These low boilers are removed from the system through deaeration tank. Sometimes they are undersigned or not efficient in removal of low boilers, hence low boilers start accumulating in the system.

Eximious has come out with product called as System Relief, which will remove the low boilers, on line, efficiently and effectively.

Salient features of the products are

  • Improves oil quality, removes suspended carbon and low boilers also.
  • Works on line, improves life.
  • Takes care of low flash point of Thermic Fluid.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Environmentally sound system as saves oil, saves costly replacements and shutdown.