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Online thermic fluid filtration system

Product suggested : System FACT-O


On line Thermic Fluid System Filter
System Fact ???O???

It is the on line, continuous filter designed for Thermic fluid system. It will filter carbon, ash, corrosion products, thick viscous oil etc. & keep the thermic fluid free of contaminants.

During the operations, Thermic fluid is subjected to high temperatures. In case of overheating, it cracks into low boiling components and high boiling components. Low boilers can be easily removed from the system by venting / Deaeration, whereas high boilers remain in the system as carbon based sludge / solids. These carbon solids are highly heat resistant. They also make fluid viscous and failure to remove them could result into high fuel consumption, drop in efficiency, higher pumping cost and in extreme case, coil puncture too. These carbon components are difficult to dissolve and remove. One need a very high level of penetrant and surface active agent for cleaning this carbon mass.

System Fact ???O??? is designed keeping above problems in mind. It filters the entire Thermic Fluid ON LINE, removes all the contaminants like carbon, ash, corrosion products or polymerised oil. It maintains thermic fluid in good condition. System Fact-???O??? is connected across the system, between outlet of thermic fluid heater and return line to Deaeration tank. (Inlet of Deaeration tank)