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  • It has excellent Thermal stability. It can work upto 450??? C in normal atmosphere upto 650??? C in steam. upto 3000???C in non-oxidising.
  • Flexible material
  • Excellent creep resistance.
  • Can resist most of the chemicals in pH 0 ??? 14.
  • Non abrasive
  • Self lubricating, Low co-efficient of friction.


  • Gasket doesn???t expand or contract with temp.
  • Easily conforms to surface regularities, giving excellent sealing without air trap. Chances of gasket rupture are reduced.
  • Can work at very high pressure as well as vacuum duty too.
  • Gasket failure due to chemical attack can be avoided.
  • Doesn???t damage the surface of the flange.
  • It doesn???t stick to the flanges, hence very easy to remove.

Macgraph is available in all sizes specified by customer ??? ready to use form.